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Hi all!

I hope everyone is doing as well as possible during this chaotic time. I am sending my love and support your way.

I am very grateful to be one of the lucky ones able to stay at home and safe right now.

Because of this, I felt like I needed to give back in some small way.

That is why I have decided to start a new project to help our local communities. I am creating #LovTheCov and #QueenCity planters and mugs and donating 75% of the proceeds to a local charity or organization in the Cincinnati and NKY area.

In addition to that, 10% of any other purchase made will also be donated to this charity.

I am still in the process of researching which charity or organization to put the donations towards. If anyone has any suggestions on places I should look into, please let me know! I want to make sure the funds are going where they are most needed.

“None of us can do great things. We can only do a small thing with great love every day!” —Mother Teresa

Stay Safe!



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