Once upon a time...

...back in 2012, I signed up for my first ceramics class & began the adventure of throwing, sculpting, firing, glazing & painting clay. Ever since, I have experimented with form, color, & finish, creating the perfect juxtaposition of modern & organic.


Encouraging individuality, I work by hand to guide each piece to life & let the clay take on the shape that feels most natural. I then nurture personality through the use of layered glazes, painted geometric patterns & natural designs. 


The passion I have for my craft ensures that each piece is of the highest quality, while my practicality demands that they are durable enough to be enjoyed every day.

Visit the Shop page to purchase a Jessica Danielle Clay handmade ceramic work or submit a form through the Special Requests page to discuss a "Just for You" product.

Jessica Danielle Clay is based in Covington, KY & I travel regularly to markets throughout the surrounding regions. To see where I will be selling next, Subscribe to our mailing list below & follow me on Facebook & Instagram!